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Hi there! First off, I couldn’t be more excited that you’ve taken time out of, I am sure, your insanely busy day to visit The Giddy Life. So, about little ol moi! My name is Bianca Bolouri, I am originally from Montreal and now live in New York City. I am a business woman at heart, having studied business at McGill and spent the last 8 years working in brand management from Stuart Weitzman to L’Oréal. My husband and I packed up and moved to NYC the year we got married (three years ago) for his job. Ironically, my hubby also works at L’Oréal (where we met) and now we both get to share in the joys of working for a beauty company.

About B

About B

In December 2015, we welcomed our little dude Parker to this crazy world. Of our friends, Vince and I were one of the last to have kids, in fact most were having their second during our pregnancy (yes, I just said “our” pregnancy- a total partnership to say the least). Given this, I think we were more than ready for a little baby. Not only did it take us a LONG time to get pregnant, we had ample practice with our friends’ babies.

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Leading up to Parker’s arrival we couldn’t help but notice how many people defaulted to the standard “better get your zzs now”, “get in the party nights”, “say buh-bye to football Sundays”, etc. Throughout my pregnancy I found blogs that would tell me how to cope without sleep, how to stay sane in my sweats, and how to deal with limited couple time, etc. But I’ve discovered I want more than that – and that it’s possible to thrive even with a little one in the mix. That’s what I strive to give you all with The Giddy Life: a guide from my own experiences on how to live an even more fulfilled and dynamic personal life with a new baby.

I feel the need to also specify that these are my thoughts and I don’t intend on offending anyone. You will see that I eagerly try to take any downside and turn them into upsides and that having a baby doesn’t mean the end of your personal life if you don’t want it to be. I believe being positive is a choice and we have chosen to embrace it.

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The Giddy Life will first and foremost, be real! All images are shot with my iPhone on the go. They aren't photoshopped nor did I spend hours attempting the perfect shot, its a real look into my journey of motherhood. Secondly, The Giddy Life will share all the fun and hilarious upsides to having a baby for new moms and moms to be. I’ll share my mom hacks, my beauty loves, my practical yet fashionable clothing options, easy and delicious recipes and most of all, the joys related to living a fabulous life with a baby! Can’t wait for you to follow me on this exciting and amazing journey!



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