Fresh Faced

Beauty Selfie

Do you guys ever find the morning daunting? I was talking to a mom friend and she was telling me that she dreads/fears the nighttime with her newbie. I understand that cause it tends to remind you of your past life of going to bed whenever knowing you would sleep through the night. Sometimes not as well as others but definitely sleep through the night. Its funny cause with Parker I’ve always been more of a morning dreader.

By dread, I don't mean it in the literal sense but it seems a little daunting. Its such a mix of “alright lets do this” and trying to plan my day/morning. The morning flies by. By the time I’ve breastfed him, made and given him his solids I feel like its nap time already and I haven't eaten! Then I grab a bite and have a seat to watch GMA or Kelly & Michael (guilty pleasure) then before I know it he is up again and I haven’t gotten dressed and showered! Mind you its like 10am at this point so not like its in the afternoon but still. The old me was up and out of the house in 40 minutes tops! This new lifestyle had me reassess. This insanely long story is to essentially share my quickie morning routine (that doesn’t include a real quickie ;)

I like to wear a little splash of foundation to even out my skin tone and some brightener on the eyes to, well, make me look more awake! Below is my process

- Quick Shower with hair in a bun – I call this a body shower which my husband always makes fun of me for saying. Its not like hair wetting showers don’t include your body!

- Then I wipe my face down with a Garnier Face Wipe and put on my Skinceuticals Face Cream

- After, I drench my body in coconut oil, I use the one from Trader Joes but any one will do

- Then I apply on the back of my hand a mix of Nars Tinted Moisturizer and Armani Face Fabric. I apply this using a brush because I feel it goes on evenly and easier

- Then I hit up some much needed under eye concealer. I purposely get 1 shade lighter than what I need to brighten my eyes and I apply it from under my eye to above my cheek bone and blend. This way it brightens the whole eye area

- For an additional "pick me up" I dab some white liner in my eye creases to help make me look more awake. I use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese

- Then I finish my look with mascara – I am obsessed with l’Oreal Paris Superstar mascara

- And a quick brush of Urban Decay Naked flushed bronzer

I swear this takes me all of 2 mins to do. I find the brush application takes no time at all and without any eyeliner etc its super fast. Remember the concealer kind of works like an eye shadow if you do some blending up top. Good luck mamas and hope you enjoyed this mini beauty fix!

Bye for Now,