Blank Check

Blank Check Outfit

Blank Check Outfit

I am totally loving this fresh summer like air in NYC. Not sure if you all feel the same, but I love the fresher seasons like Spring and Fall. It’s the time of the year you can walk around with a scarf and a hot coffee without sweating or freezing your ass off. As always, I am exclusive iPhone blogger and so here is my very real outfit of the day. I say real, because sometimes I wonder if fashion bloggers are legit grocery shopping in their Louboutins or do they throw them on for the picture. Well, all to say, I didn’t change into flip flops after this pic.

1. Zara Jeans - Similar now $50 

2. Club Monaco Tee - $40

3. Grey Sweater Poncho - Similar one here $30 

4. Cole Haan Sneakers - $200

5. Club Monaco Hat (2 years ago) - Similar one here $43 

Bye for Now,