Brunch in Beige



I wore heels for the first time since, about... 9 months pregnant, so this was exciting and monumental. It also meant we were going to uber to brunch and back with the babe though! You will notice that hats are my go-to, not only are they cutesy and fashionable but also amazing for the following times:

- Dirty hair, best way to avoid the 3rd day of dry shampoo (yes my hair is 90% dry shampoo by the weekend).

- Not loving my outfit, throwing on a hat makes me feel its more complete.

- Bring some oomph to a rainy day. Some brims are literally large enough to semi cover you from the rain! This is an easy to replicate outfit mainly because it’s all Zara except the shoes and shades.

1. Zara Hat - $60

2. Zara Jeans - $50

3. Zara Blouse - $40 (Similar) 

4. Stuart Weiztman Pumps - $340 

5. TOMs Shades - $140

Bye for now,