Jump into Nursing

Jump into nursing

Jump into nursing

Hey y’all! So for starters this image was from Mid March, so yes, over 2 months ago it was warm as frek in NYC then it got cold again and now its warm again! And people say there are no issues with our climate.. hmmmkay! I am so excited for this post and I will have a dedicated nursing clothing post as well but this jumpsuit is the SHIT! I learnt about the brand from the fabulous blogger Carmen The Modern Mom. The brand is Loyal Hana, I have their Marni Jumpsuit (above) and their Alex Sweater and I am obsessed with both! The nursing access if done via super thin zippers that go from just below the shoulder down to your belly button so enough space that you can go as high or as low as your little heart desires.

It is a little expensive but I feel better about it since (1) nursing is hard in public and this just makes it SOOO much easier and (2) its nice enough that I would totally wear it when I stop nursing! Anyway, enjoy ladies and be sure to read my Nursing in Public post to see my tips and tricks to get er done in public!

1. Loyal Hana Jumpsuit - $133

2. Cole Haan Sneakers - $170

Bye for now,