The Easiest Outfit

The Easiest Outfit

The Easiest Outfit

Yay, its essentially summer in New York. By summer I mean, not even close however like every other person I am totally season jumping. That’s one thing my husband and I always talk about when we go on our long walks. We often see the opposite extreme of rather inappropriate attire. Its literally 65 degrees out and someone is either in a full on down winter coat with a scarf on or shorts and flip flops. It begs the question, did these people not check the weather, are they hot or cold, do they regret their decision? And the list goes on. Anyway, we always end up laughing at it and wondering.

This little number is just that, little. It’s essentially a 1 piecer with a token sweater. Remember what I told you about hats? I love them and this was post flying dirty hair styles. Which means? Hat please! Need I mention the loose dress is perfect for hiding the mom pouch and can be used later when I am massive and prego again! Oh and on this walk of ours today, Parker shit himself and it was the one day I didn’t bring a back up outfit. It was hot and he had his fleece wrap in his stroller but still, we essentially had to wrap him in a nursing cover and insert him in the fleecy and head home. Today was a small #momfail!

1. ASOS Dress - $57

2. Cole Haan Sneakers - $200

3. Zara Sweater - $60 (Last Fall) Similar one Here

Bye for now,