Travelling Outfit

Travel outfit

We just got back from our trip to florida a few weeks ago so figured I would share my go-to fashion fix for the plane. Its never easy to find the right outfit for travelling. My hubby and I totally don’t see eye to eye on this. I always like the sporty chic look (plus you can wear your sneakers vs. giving up space in the suitcase for them) whereas he likes to “Dress up" for the plane. Not a suit and shit but still a little more fancier than my above outfit. Anyway, with a baby I find it even more important since changing a baby on a plane is on the same level as Cirque De Soliel work while having poop and pee being within a milimeter distance to your entire person. Below are my outfit deets and if you want some little tips and tricks to travel with a tiny human, check out my post here.

1. Mui Mui Shades - $360

2. ASOS Nursing Top - $41

3. Lululemon Leggings - $98

4. Cole Haan Sneaker - $170

5. JJ Cole Diaper Bag - $80