Is that a nip I see?

Nip revealing was pretty much my biggest fear with nursing in public. At the beginning and I would meticulously plan going out with Parker around his potential eating time. However I would still battle with the what if he wakes up and screams bloody murder with the only answer being a boob(cause, lets be honest, Boob seems to settle all issues ;)).

After about 6 weeks, I couldnt take it, I was getting cabin fever and wanted to be that chill woman who just throws her babe on the boob. Now, before I go any further I should explain another hurdle I had. I was using a nipple shield for the first 3 months or so because I had flat nips and Parker just wouldnt latch. Until one day when I leaned forward and my boob landed in his mouth, to which he proceeded to latch on for dear life. Yay!

Anywho, so breastfeeding in public was like performing surgery in heels. You want to be precise and quick all the while doing it gracefully. Id want to hide the fact I was using a shield as not to feel less of a real momthen perfectly place it on the nip, while holding the baby and covering myself. Then imagine having to change boobs and throw in a burp, GAME OVER!



That being said, I pushed through despite it all because honestly, its just easier to know you can go anywhere with your babe and that you can always feed them. It gave me flexibility in how long I was out, travelling, going to mom and baby workouts etc. I live in NYC so I walk EVERYWHERE and sometimes I can cover 7km in a day, without pumping this would be impossible.

Mommy Nursing with Milksnob Cover

So, my 4 tips to nursing in public, in style!

  1. Own it! Who the heck cares if anyone sees a nip or god forbids stares. You pushed a human being out of your body and how fucking cool is it that we make food to not only keep out little ones alive to allow them to thrive... we rule!

  2. Do invest or begin your journey for the best nursing cover. This is truly what saved me. I had Bebe Au Lait in muslin, which was great until I found The Milksnob. The feeling was comparable to waking up when you were in your twenties to see that you had another 2 hours of sleep.. pure BLISS! I love the MilkSnob because I never have to worry about wind or Parker flailing his arms out and revealing some side T. Also, I love that I can wear it as a scarf and throw it on my car seat or stroller as cover (see pictures below)

  3. Be prepared. I would keep my nursing stuff at the top of my diaper bag (cover, wipe, shield at the time) this way I wasnt fumbling for things while trying to ensure Parker wasn’t getting anxious for his milk.

  4. Easy access... In the clean way. As much as I love to buy stuff, nursing clothing was NOT at the top of my list. However, once I got going, I couldnt stop! Below are some of my favourite pieces.

Nursing Top Boards

1.    Loyal Hana Jumpsuit - $133
2.    Loyal Hana Sweater - $79 (on Sale now)
3.    ASOS T-Shirt - $36
4.    ASOS Long Sleeve - $41
5.    Au Lait Dress - $138
6.    H&M Nursing Tank - $25
7.    Jessica Simpson Crossbody Top - $44
8.    H&M Lose Tank - $18  


Bye for Now,